Why Are People Drawn To The Dark Side?

Some of us watch scary movies, and they like them? We cannot stop watching evil men, or demons, ghosts or haunted houses. Why would that be? Why we look at the news mostly if terrible things happen?
We have been separated from light for so long that we see only darkness. We even cage the light inside us, and the soul becomes restricted. When that is happening, we believe that is the dark side is the only option. That concept is also promoted by the leaders because the dark side is coming with fear and that is the only way of control.
We have been taught to live in fear and fear cannot sustain itself without feeding. All these terrifying news or movies are feeding continuously our fears, so, they can survive. Moreover, we do not stop to that. If we do not see such thing on TV, we are creating our feeding machine. We panic and build scenarios in our minds with what can or could have happened to us or the loved ones in case they do not answer the phone.
I was having lunch with few colleagues, and they could not talk about anything but the terrible world we live in. They enumerated all the past present and possible future adverse events that happened or may happen. They kept saying “We are almost done here, but our children are doomed.” Our children will not have a future if we do not create favorable conditions for it. When we are living in fear, we attract all the negativity with it. It was an interesting concept in a movie called “Tomorrowland” when we have the chance to feed one of the two wolfs. “There are two wolves. One bright and hopeful and one dark and cynical. Which wolf wins? Whichever one you feed. Feed the right wolf.” That is an excellent analogy with our fears. Fear is right dark and cynical wolf and will not go away if we keep feeding it.