What Is Depression?

When we search this question over the Internet, we may find millions of answers. There are tons of medical clinics telling us that they treat depression and everything will be fine. The depression, from doctors’ perspective, is a mental disorder characterized by sadness and loss of interest in any activity affecting behaviors and feelings. We can observe the abnormal activity of neural circuits in the brain. It could be many causes that create the depression, including social relationships, accumulated stress, or even biological and psychological problems.
What do we do? We try to fix the brain. We try to make the brain to stop processing those issues. We may think this is a great way but what we do is to control and change a regular activity of our brains. That is a common practice for any health problem that we may have. We have a headache we take a pill, we have hypertension we take one or more pills, we have any pain we take another pill. We are so focused on eliminated the discomfort that we forget that we have to fix the problem instead.
What happens with the stress? Stress is a disorder, an energetic imbalance, no contradiction here, but what is the reason it resembles in the first place? How come humans react differently to the same situations and same environment? Some of us become depressed, others are living the life with joy. We have to dig deeper and analyze our minds because stress is nothing but a manifestation of our minds. What one can do everyone can do. That is the fundamental rule that we have to understand. If one can be happy, then we all can be happy. The only difference is the one’s mind is giving up, while the other is not. It is true; it is harder to get out of the stress than preventing it, but it is not impossible. In spiritual life, we are talking about grounding ourselves. If we cannot find the ground, we are falling, and that could be extremely unpleasant creating unimaginable stress. We must understand what this ground is? It is not physical, but a spiritual one. We must understand the life the way it is, experience and a choice that create pleasant or unpleasant situations. We move forward and leave all that happened in the past. The reason we cannot get out of that condition is not that we are not trying hard enough but because we are moving in a wrong direction. We cannot accept events or the way people are or the life itself, and we become afraid. That is the leading cause. We do not have to fight the wind but let the wind pass through us. We have to become a net and not a balloon. It is easy to do so; we just have to come to that understanding and make our minds to work to our advantage and not against us. We are coming again and again to the same technique: meditation. In meditation, we do precisely what we are trying to learn here. Every thought comes, we observe it and let it go. We do not judge or argue with that thought. That way we become the net, the wind will reach us but will calmly move away.