How Do We Become Ignorant?

What is ignorance?

Ignorance is the result of moving away from ourselves. We believe that we are singular beings where in fact we are all connected. Once we create that separation, we do not care about anything else, and we become ignorant and selfish because ignorance and selfishness are good brothers. We hear animals are being killed or used in experiments and we do not care. We consider ourselves different from them and then we press the ignore button. The same mechanism applies to everything else. Our selfishness has no limits, and with that, we bring ignorance into this world. People are dying of hunger, and we are not talking hypothetically or in some country far away. We see homeless, people on the street all the time. They are sick and hungry. What do we do? We just ignore them, and the mechanism of ignorance becomes so automatic that we learn not to see them any longer. We look at them in repugnance, and most of the time if we see them we go around to make sure we would not smell or touch them. Most of the time, if we are asking people if they saw any homeless on their way home, they would not even remember. How much would hurt us to look around and put ourselves in their shoes? Only then we will realize that we have the chance to help and giving will automatically take place without logic and thinking. We see people in need everywhere. Does not mean all the time that we have to give away money or food, but love and compassion and that could sometimes be the greatest help of all. If we helped at least one fellow human in our life, we would accomplish our mission. If we helped two, we help with the progress of humanity. If we had helped three we become enlightened. The number does not make much sense but is the association with many so we can understand.
Ignorance is the mother of evil. Through our ignorance, we refuse to see the reality and provide the guidance that we are here for. We allow others to sin, to become evil and go away from the light. We must adjust our behavior and understand that we are all at fault. We have done it many times, and the history is our witness. Dictators and other evil rulers are the results of the same cause. No dictator came to power without the consent or ignorance of the people. If we do not consent does not mean we are clean. Once again, we must stop thinking that if we are okay everything else that happens will not affect us. In the long term, we will become self-victims.


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  1. Free Will… Ever ask why Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, etc. did not End Poverty, War, Unfair Economics?

    Maybe they cannot!. Creation exist in Existence. How can a Sub-Set define it’s Super Set?

    Mark 14:7 For ye have the poor with you always, and whensoever ye will ye may do them good: but me ye have not always.

    When I say I am HE… Reaction no you are not. You don’t walk on water heal people and Hang from a CROSS.

    What did Jesus mean?

    Mark 8:34 And when he had called the people unto him with his disciples also, he said unto them, Whosoever will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.

    You can look up Chapter and Verse. But what does the simple English mean. Dictionary, Encyclopedia, even Wikipedia?

    Deny Himself? In body and mind by FREE WILL, who can you deny Spirit?
    Pick up HIS Cross? How can anyone be Jesus, but All can become Christ.
    Follow ME? Whet did Jesus become, where did he go?

    What is flesh is flesh (matter and the physical material world
    What is Spirit is Spirit (Light and Energy cannot be created or Destroyed).

    If matter simply change from and Matter is Energy. Who can add ONE CUPID onto Creation or the Creator. IF GOD is Spirit and you are Spirit. Who is going anywhere, who is left behind.

    You cannon interfere or help those who are not helping themselves. You can POINT THE WAY. How many cupid does it take to save another I know I lost all my tool trying to save someone, another all my cash, my little brother bit my nose the first time I saw him. And he took my mothers only possession, her house. All my dad and her had when Dad Died. LOVE ONE ANOTHER does not mean you need to die for USA, USA, USA because Trump wants to FIX what Bush and Obama did better.

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