Would The World Be A Better Place If We Follow Religious Rules?

We must understand that following rules can get us to some point in our evolution, but that is not enough. We have all the rules what to do and what not to do, “The Five Precepts,” “The ten commandments” and many others. The thing is we can force ourselves to do so, but it must come naturally. That is a real awakening. All these rules must be points of reference. When awakening is happening, we have only one inner-rule, which comes from us being part of God, and that is love. Love for ourselves and others. Love makes all rules obsolete. When we remember who we are, that we are love, we love ourselves and all the creation. Doing so we cannot harm, we cannot steal, we cannot lie and so on.
All teachers have been here with the same message. We are here with the same message, but with our desires through life we forgot it. As children, we have always sent that message. Our love was natural and unconditioned. What and how was that changed? We become part of a society that does not carry this message, a society that makes us believe that we are singular beings and we must use the material world for satisfying and overcoming our needs including the need to love. Instead of using the love as a catalyst and as a natural process to follow the positive way of a happy life, we have enslaved ourselves with thousands of rules and law of religions and society hoping to keep order and balance. As hard as we try it will not work. We end up just being frustrated and upset with ourselves and others.

We have said before and we must remember once again. We are the ambassadors of God and we must work in agreement with our position. We are enlightened beings and we must prove that within our actions.


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