Would The World Be A Better Place If We Follow Religious Rules?

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We must understand that following rules can get us to some point in our evolution, but that is not enough. We have all the rules what to do and what not to do, “The Five Precepts,” “The ten commandments” and many others. The thing is we can force ourselves to do so, but it must come naturally. That is a real awakening. All these rules must be points of reference. When awakening is happening, we have only one inner-rule, which comes from us being part of God, and that is love. Love for ourselves and others. Love makes all rules obsolete. When we remember who we are, that we are love, we love ourselves and all the creation. Doing so we cannot harm, we cannot steal, we cannot lie and so on.
All teachers have been here with the same message. We are here with the same message, but with…

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