Knocking On Heaven’s Door

We hear all the time in church or read in the religious book about Heaven and what do we need to do to get there. We know about many sins that will stop our journey and the more we listen, the more afraid we become. The fear is crawling in, and we start to doubt our abilities to join the Heaven. Many times we question even the existence of it. If someone tells stories about Heaven, we refuse to accept them. In fact, we tend to believe more in Hell than in Heaven. With all the horrible things that happen on our planet, we give ourselves more chances for Hell.
What does it take to ascend to Heaven? Well, we have to start with what is Heaven and what is the representation right here on Earth. Heaven is happiness, joy, love, and forgiveness. We all can start it in this life and Heaven can begin right here, right now. When we pass over, we will do nothing but continue the journey. We only have to knock on Heaven’s door, and we will be received. The metaphor of knocking the door is that we must get there, we must do what we preach with love and compassion because we have to say it, Heaven is not Earth. There is no greed and selfishness; there are no ranks as we have created here on Earth. The hierarchy is opposite of what we know and learn here in church, society or corporations. The higher level of consciousness we achieve the more we have to help others to get there. We are all the same, we are all one, and as we understand it, we cannot do otherwise. That is Heaven, the place where we stop considering ourselves superiors and thinking we deserve more. We are all bits of God, and we originate from the same source, we are the source.
Heaven is waiting for us we only need to have the will to get there.


One comment on “Knocking On Heaven’s Door”
  1. gabimili says:

    You say: “Heaven is waiting for us we only need to have the will to get there.” – So those ones who have the will to go in Heavens will go, and those ones who do not have the will to go there will not go (being banned to go). In any case they will not be forced to go there by a superior force, even they (otherwise) will deserved (somehow) to be there to spend eternity. So the single criteria for someone to qualify to be there is only his own will to be there. If he is in possession of this desire he is good to go, otherwise he need/must/can go in Hell (or eventually Nowhere). Is this about free will? Is that right? If I want something I can decided to accept my desire and do what is necessary to satisfy that desire. But are we entitled to decided what desires to have before to have them? Maybe not, and in case of an hypothetical “yes” that could be very problematic because there are no criteria to chose between the possible desires undesired yet. It will be no free will over this matter. Just arbitrary and hazard. Our decision starts only after we already have (at least) some desires to fulfill. Not before. The idea that Heaven is reserved only for thous ones which souls are pre-populated (by who? by a superior force?) with heaven desire, seems to be ab initio very unfair.

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