Race The Time

We want to do everything with the fastest speed. We do not have the patience any longer. The funny thing is that we do not know where are we going. Every day we can notice people on the subway; literally running going to work or from work. We are willing to go and push others just to gain few minutes that will give us what? We forgot what we are and what we suppose to do and we became robots. How did we get here? We have been integrated little by little in a mechanism that is not human, a system and a society that disregard most of the human aspects of our living. Our jobs become number one, and we got to the point that we tell our children that is no time left for them because we have to work. What should we do? Let’s try one day to stop rushing and observe others. That may be an awakening call realizing how absurd we have become. We do not suppose to have this nonsense life where we are our own slaves. We must look to our lives from a perspective that will give us a purpose. If we would be to ask ourselves what is our purpose in life, how many of us will be able to answer? We should think about that every single day until we stop the madness.
We race the time, but we do not realize that we cannot win. If we stop seeing the time as our enemy, we may return to our senses. Time is our excuse for anything that we are not able to achieve; we simply say “I do not have time to do that” where in fact is no such thing. Lao-Tzu used to say “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” Our surrounding, the Universe or God are our best models and not the artificial society and way of life we have created. We have created a surrogate model, and we become addicted to it.
We must slow down once for all if we do not want to waste our lives. On the day we have to pass over we must pass with a feeling of gratitude and completion. That should be our goal, and we still have enough time to do so. As a matter time is not important at all, it is only what do we do with our lives.