Fear Of People While Talking About God.

The awakening process may come with the judgment of other people. Others may say about us that we are crazy and that may generate some fear of preaching the word of God and follow the spiritual path. However, that should not affect us, and if we feel that we have to stop our speeches, it is only if we move away from spirituality. Once we stay with God, there is no fear but love. We would not care about others are saying, and if friends or family decide to part ways with us, then we should feel sorry for them. We should not love them less though since the spiritual transformation comes with a high understanding that sooner or later everyone will arrive at the same point in this life or another. We realize that judging others is a practice of our egos and that is what we must get rid of. We learn an amazing lesson of letting go, a lesson that brings inner-peace through stop fighting the ego. If we keep fighting with the ego, the ego always wins.
Why are we afraid of others while talking about God? They are not afraid to talk against God, and as a matter of fact, media encourage people to attain those debates. The reason we may be afraid is again the ego telling us we must stay with the crowd to survive. Fear and anxiety are always as a result of ego talking to us because the ego is a powerful manifestation of past and future. Lao Tzu said “If you are depressed you are living in the past. If you are anxious, you are living in the future. If you are at peace, you are living in the present.” That is what we are doing listening to and worshiping the ego. The spirituality comes with more and more understanding of God. There is no fear unless we are missing the love in this equation. As we mentioned before, fear is just the result of the absence of love. Once we move to that level of knowledge, we have no fear of anything, and when people are judging us, we feel nothing but sorry for them. We see it clearly that they are still enslaved by their egos same as we have been. Everything that society is imposing on us including being slaves to each other to preconceptions and judgment is fading away. That is the part of the enlightenment process.