Who Am I?

“Who am I” is a question that cannot be separated from “What is my purpose in life.” Why is that? That connection is inseparable because we came into existence within a plan that must meet our purpose in life. That plan is defining us. It is the personality and the energy that we are, and we are manifesting. We can do and be anything, but some abilities are native to us. We must find our abilities to execute our plans and achieve our purpose. Every single one of us has at least one ability that must be used intensively. There is only one problem. We have been derailed from our plans. Some of us refuse to stick to their plans and got control over others telling us lies of what our plans are. We must have a job and work as hard as we can until retirement, which is moving through man laws we did not agree upon, toward the end line of our adventure. The most wanted retirement is becoming a chimera and something that is more and more difficult to achieve. We forgot the human abilities and acted more as robots programmed from a central terminal and in the end, we may not even remember what we have supposed to do. That is the biggest tragedy of life, that feeling that we have wasted a life. If we are asking ourselves “Who am I” it means that we are not lost. We have the power that is driving us to fill a purpose. We must follow that institution, that instinct or whatever we want to call it. The power of the heart is the most grandiose power of every single one of us.

After all that we said, let ask one more time: “Who am I?” and this time let the heart guide us and listen to the first thought that comes. We may have amazing answers, and those answers will drive us to excel. I may put down few of my answers which are more like common answers. We heard them from many people. “I am light,” “I am love,” “I am the spark of God’s energy,” and as final it is just “I am.” We have all the answers, but we must not be intimidated. We must stand our spiritual ground and let God talk to us or better said we must listen because God is omnipresent. We just have to look around, and we will see all the perfection, all the miracles and we will see ourselves in everything because we are all one with God.