Who Is Going To Save The World?

In many religions, we have been told that the chosen one is the one to save the world. Christians believe that Jesus will return to judge all of us and the same concept we see it in Judaism except there the savior is not Jesus, and he or she did not come yet.
From the oldest time we had and wanted to interpret all the ancient texts as simple as we could, and we didn’t want any complication. Someone will come to save us. The thing is there so many enlightened beings being sent by God, and it is looking that we do not want to be saved. We put all the responsibility on someone else, and in the meantime, we do all the horrible things expecting someone will clean our mess.
Yes, God is not letting us alone, but a little cooperation would not hurt. We and when I say we I mean all of us can save the world from destruction, hunger, wars or unfairness. Why do we have to wait for some miracle from God? We are the miracles of God, and we have to act as we are. We have to save ourselves, and the world will be saved. What does it mean to save the world? Is that the meaning of saving every single being on the planet? Well, we cannot do that. As we mentioned before if we do not want to free ourselves, there is no force coming into action to convince us otherwise. We have our free will, and as a result, we can go in either direction. We can save ourselves, or we can continue ignoring the love of God and linger as the man-built system encourages us to do.
Thinking back, we can say all the masters walking on Earth saved the world in the sense that many of us received the awakening call, but God will not force us in any way unless we come to a point to threaten the whole universe. We have the power, let’s use it to our advantage and be wise to realize what the benefit is. We are talking about oneness and unity and not selfishness and greediness. We are still in the process of evolution, and we still have many opportunities to change, but we must remember there are not infinite chances. Not because God would not forgive us and let us try again but because we will bring our destruction. So should we still wait for someone to save the world or we should take action and change? It is a simple process unless we blame others. We are all at fault, and with that recognition, we can start anew.