Actions vs. Intentions

In the Catholic Church we heard that we can sin with through our actions or even with a thought. Basically our thoughts are being considered as same as the actions when we put them in the balance of goodness. However, the church did not get it right since our thoughts do not manifest promptly in the immediate reality. We may have heard about the power of attraction which express the energy of our thoughts in attracting what we wish for. The programming is a little different in order to maintain balance and not create chaos. Our thoughts must be iterated many times before the Universe will answer. Otherwise every thought will create paradoxes. That is the reason prayers for instance may not be answered immediately. With that said, once we have an intention either negative or positive we must either put it in action or create a proper conditions for the Universe to manifest. Basically we always have a chance to correct on enhance our thinking without altering the manifestation of our thoughts and implicitly to eliminate the actions.
On the other hand actions are always a result of intention. There is no action taking place without a thought to perform it. In the end the actions are what define us. We are what we put into action but also persisting in having negative or positive thoughts will release the same kind of energy that manifest and define ourselves.