Being Compassionate

Living in New York City we have to see many homeless people. Many times, they are sleeping in the subway cars and it is very interesting and sad to see people’s reaction. Since those homeless people do not have a place to stay and take a shower, as we can imagine the smell is not pleasant. Looking at the people coming in I tried to look at the percentage of them getting upset and even angry and the ones feeling compassionate for those poor souls. The result is tragic. People are even cursing of those guys and most of them are leaving the subway car. As a matter I was alone with couple of homeless people. I was looking for one at least who will feel sorry for those of us who live in misery. I have to say. It is very sad but is hard to find, at least here in this grandiose city of New York. Thinking about it, I was wondering what is making people compassionate. Why some of us are compassionate and some are not? The major problem is selfishness and the mentality promoted by the society. We believe that everyone lives for him/herself and we are completely separated from one another. If we realize what we have become we will automatically change. It is so easy to imagine ourselves in the place of the homeless people. Everyone could have been there in some circumstances and that does not mean that we should ignore and reject them. It is only that the experience that they have chosen is different from ours. It is not easy to be a homeless and some compassion would not hurt anyone. If we want to learn anything about being compassionate we should watch and stop interfering with our children. They know a great deal about it. They would stop and ask us to help these poor souls. When we stop being selfish and upset with our lives we would safely say that we are passing one level of our awakening consciousness and coming closer to God. That is more difficult in some places where the culture is of money and the ego stands tall on the highest pedestal of all. Unfortunately that is happening more and more over the world. The greediness is taking over and if we do not pay attention we all can become victims.