We all are curious and incomplete, and we have always looked for something that is missing in our lives. As long as the reading is excellent, it is not sufficient. Reading is just a point of reference, but the awakening must happening within us. We must understand that we cannot get anywhere just by theories. We must put into practice any discovery, and same applies to enlightenment. We must learn all the forgotten lessons and not necessary from reading. All of the events popping up in our lives are the best practices that we must follow and understand. It will teach us compassion, acceptance, and love. When we are taking care of a child or an animal as we become older, we learn a great deal. Love is the main ingredient in those relationships. With love, we learn to accept and let go of anything that we consider is not right from one perspective or another. We stop being selfish and we realize that love is as we have been reminded so many times, all that is. When love we do not need laws to obey, we do everything naturally, and that is the goal of every single one of us. The purpose is to help each other unconditionally, and that is a direct result of loving each other.
We want to know what is enlightenment and how does it feel to be enlightened, but the idea that we have before enlightenment is an egocentric one. We think that being awakened we will do great things and people will love us, and we will become famous. The more that we learn and remember we realize that Jesus, for instance, did not want to be famous, because enlightenment is the total opposite. It is humbleness, acceptance, compassion, and love. If we are aware of being awakened it means we are still ignorant and we have still much to learn. We do not have to criticize anyone but to describe a typical process that we all must go through. Achieving enlightenment is not disappointing as we can imagine when we think of it, because massive changes or we should say regaining of the self will bring such a beautiful understanding, peace, and happiness to all of us. That is the enlightenment that everyone will get to, sooner or later, because it is no other way. We can safely conclude that enlightenment is self-realization of happiness.