Destroying A Childhood? The Robots’ World.

Many of us remember with love and joy our childhoods. The feelings of pure happiness and no wonder are invading our beings. At that time we were the closest to the love of God because nothing was worrying us and we had only to live our lives. With time, growing up we forget that we have to do the same, and we lose the touch of what life is. Moreover, we become what the society tells us to do. We become motorized humans, and we are acting more like robots than beings created with so much purpose by God. The worst part is when we believe that our children deserve the same treatment. We start earlier and earlier to teach them math, reading and all the “great” things we have been learned from an unhealthy society. We believe that is normal that our children should go and stay in school for eight to ten hours because “Everyone is doing that!” We push them to their limits placing that horrible concept in them that they must be number one in everything and then is when they understand that, the competition begins. Parents are so proud of their children saying that they are starting reading at three or four years old. Someone went to the extent that she wanted to teach her child to read when she was six months old. We become the victim of a society that destroys itself through competition but more than that we are the main reason that our children stopped having a childhood. We become robots, and now we want to make our children robots as well. That is pure madness, and we must agree to stop it and at least try to create or better to say to maintain the God’s world.
God created this world with joy and love, and we have everything we need right here on Earth. Still, we convinced ourselves that what we need is not the world of God but the world of the devil. Leaving God behind we agree to become evil, and our actions prove that concept. We destroy every environment creating “jobs” we say trying to cover the wrong that we have done.
At least we must remember how is to be a kid and give our children a chance that we have had and we have wasted it.
Next time when our children would complain about being tired we must think twice before saying “Why are you tired, every kid has the same schedule, everyone does the same.” We must be ourselves and what others are agreeing to do should not become our own agenda.