The State Of Anger

As we have mentioned before, the anger is one of the strongest negative emotions. What is the cause of that? Nothing else but fear. Living a life of fear we have always pushed us to the limits of the darkest gully. Moreover, as usual, we do not have to admit we are the one driving our lives and as a consequence, we start blaming others. We throw anger left and right onto family friends and anyone who dare to intervene in our lives. There is one possible result of that. We will be consumed by anger until nothing right is left to surface. It is even worse if the people who accompanied us are following the same path. They will bring more negativity, and we are made to believe that we are right to yell, scream or blame the people, the past or the future. The ego wins once again, and our poor souls are marginalized, and they have to retreat in the smallest corner of our beings. Is that the life that we want to live? Well, from the outside everyone will say that it is not, but when we are in the middle of the egocentric phase, we ignore any logic. We live the life in misery because we agree to it. Nothing is done without an agreement. So, what is going on? Is there any way to stop the madness? It is only one way. We must think of the love of another. If, just if we can stop fighting the ego and think that we love we would be ashamed and the anger cannot survive.  Love is the ingredient of humanity that makes us human. If we remove that ingredient, we will cook nothing but a hard cookie that nobody wants to eat. Think about the people that we use to be with and tell them “I love you” and now we tell them “I hate you.” Love cannot be transformed into fear or hate, but the absence of love can generate that emotion. We must remember the love and nothing can go wrong.