Enslaved By Money

Money is one of the most discussed subjects within our society. It is impossible to gather for any event that money will not become part or be taking over of any discussion.

Where is the money obsession coming from? What we may say is media but how did become so important? The concept is straightforward. We believe that money will bring us happiness without realizing that is far from the truth. How many people said that we have enough and stop worrying about money? We would say very little. The more we have, the more we want to have because this is the trick that the system is playing on us. Trying to achieve happiness we forgot what happiness is. Money is the last item on the list that makes us happy. Obsession with money is not just wasting our lives but consuming us to the extreme. The absence of money or of what we consider is not enough is driving us crazy and angry. We fight and compete over money with everyone including colleagues, friends, and family forgetting the real purpose in life. We ignore the love we neglect God and money concept is becoming our new God where in fact that surrogate is feeding our egos and nothing more. The more we satisfy the ego, the more anxious and angry we become.
How can we get out of it? Well, it is not that simple because money is becoming a tool of addiction. We like luxury places, expensive houses or cars and that s hard to fight we believe. In reality, it is not hard at all. We only have to come back to our senses and experience God once again. We will find out that everything we need we already have and everything that we desire is not needed. Our soul will be allowed to surface once again, and the crazy mind that manifests the ego will stop the fight.
The realization will strike us, and from the shock, we will awake. We have been enslaved by money for so long that we forgot to live and love the life. We have lived in the shadow of money, and that is far away from the light. It is never too late to reconcile and remember who we are, not slaves but free-spirited beings.