Past Life Regression

Hypnosis technique.

Past life hypnosis technique, and especially the one I use (QHHT) is a great tool that is practiced for understanding life as a whole through a spiritual commitment. Yes, we can explore different lives, and that is not only curiosity, but it is a great help with our current lives. Everything that is shown to us is a lesson that we didn’t learn or something for us to correct that we can call it Karma. I strongly recommend to find a practitioner in your area and try out this technique if your interest is focusing in that direction.
That method is a great tool, and yes it is real, and it is working but with one condition. We must agree and be willing to let go. Some of the people are too strong in their logical brainy thinking that even if they say they want to experience a hypnosis session, they do not let go. Once we agree everything is working as expected. Recently I had a session with a lady friend, and even she did not believe it, but she was willing to give it a try. Everything went great, and upon coming back from the trance, she was not just impressed but amazed. The most exciting part is that I wanted to give her no detailed information and see what will she experience. She went right away into a past life, and from there everything went by the book.

Video sessions.
As per doing a session through a video could be a good experience but not a complete one. First of all, we must understand that under hypnosis we only answer the question and interact with the hypnotist. Even if we manage to get into a trance, the experience would not be concluded. However, it could be a pleasant experience.

Are past life memories real?
There are many signs in a past life regression, but the best is to try it out. It is an experience completely different from what we call imagination. We experience feelings and events nothing like imagination or daydreaming. However, even with this beautiful experience, people are still saying that was not real because they refuse to believe it. Some of us have a dominant belief system built with ignorance and closed mind, and we refuse to alter it. We need proof to adjust it, and when we get that evidence, we say it is not proof enough. As I said, the best judgment could be achieved through a real hypnosis experience. That is the best way to get many answers that we are looking for.