What Is The Human Face Telling Us?

We have always been liking someone at the first site if we like his or her face. What is the face telling us? Could we know someone’s intentions based on the face characteristic and mimic? Most likely we could find people who are resonating with us just by looking at their faces. That is the case when we say we like or we dislike people. However, many of us decided to fake that too, especially in politics. Since the face is telling us much about a person to be trusted or not people in that area are researching to figure out whom to promote along with some other criteria or events that may take place. However, due to too much “practice,” a face could be altered so bad that will show right away madness without words. All the politicians are trying to pose the impassible faces that they may remain like that for all their lives. Lies and deceives are making us inert and insensible to our feelings, and that reflects in projecting it on our faces. As a simple exercise, we can look at children’s faces, and we will realize that they are pure, peaceful and innocent. That is the face of God that we are trying too much to hide and modified to fit with the day to day life. When we give love from the bottom of our hearts, the face will show it, and glowing energy will illuminate it right away. That energy is the energy of the saints, and that is why we see all these saints represented with a glowing circle around the head when painted in churches or other spiritual places. That is the energy of love that is reflected in ourselves. The more shuttered we become to God the more darkness our faces will reflect. It is an amazing show to look at people’s faces on TV or the place we live or on the way to work.  It is fascinating to watch humans, and the more we look, the more we will get the feeling of the people and the energy they are producing.
We use to say that the eyes are the windows to our souls. Moreover, the face is the revealed projection of our spirits.