Wish, Want, Desire, Need

It is an easy relationship between all enumerated above. Whatever we wish, want or desire is most likely not what we need. A concrete example is to think what usually we, people wish, want or desire. We wish to magic to happen, we want money, and we desire pleasure. Everything is happening with a single scope behind. We want to be happy. However, we need nothing material to be happy. If we, as poor cannot be happy, then we as rich cannot be happy as well. Happiness is not related to the material world. I am not saying that we should starve, and we will be happy, but we need very little comfort for letting the inner-peace to produce happiness. We need what God gave us from the beginning: a rich Earth that provides for us, shelter and food, and we still have it. What we do not have is the inner-peace because we wish, want and desire all we see to others without realizing that is only the Pinocchio’s temptation.
Pinocchio is one of the best spiritual stories of all, for kids and adults as well. The consciousness is always left behind for material pleasures that being again with wishes and desires. In the end, nothing good will come out of it because the material world is temporary and we know it but we let that world to take over. We use to say same as Pinnochio in the well-known story, “if I would have listened to my consciousness.”
What we need is not in the material world but the metaphysical realm. We need the material world to understand the duality and to progress through that concept. We must learn to bring light out of the darkness, and that is happening only with a shift in consciousness, with the spiritual awakening.
The temptation is everywhere in our times especially with the progress of technology. We are bombarded with all the things that we “need” and the slogans as “the more you buy, the more you save” and we lose the concept of happiness. We buy more and more believing that one car a house or a vacation is making us happy. That concept is a drug and like any other drug is having a very short effect mimicking the happiness. Then when it is wearing off and another thing must be desired and acquired. The relation is easy to understand if we are willing to, but we got lost in this madness. Waking up is harder and harder, and the dream transforms into a nightmare. We must get out of the matrix of our ego, and the illusion and the confusion will vanish right away.