The Trinity

In our modern times, every engineer knows that to locate an object we need three coordinates. For example, using the GPS system, we need three satellites. Everyone is sending the precise time. Based on the difference of time we calculate our location. The same principle is applying to everything. As we know, the Earth is a microsystem of the universe giving us prototypes and examples that make us understand our nature, our existence. We choose to use these tools or not that is another story.
However, as we said, Trinity is a pinpoint of a location. In spiritual terms translates into understanding. The symbol has been used all over in many religions and if we refuse to use it as a tool of knowledge then is challenging to awake ourselves. Try for a moment to not take the explanation of any church. The Christianity doctrine “In the name of Father, Son and Holy Spirit” is teaching to believe that Trinity is God as three entities. “Believe my son,” the priest says, but if I want to know more, the same priest tells me. “Do not doubt, believe what I told you and your soul will ascend to Heaven.”
Is that good for us? If yes, if that is keeping us close to God and keeps us fulfilled, then yes we should not doubt. However, if it is not, then we must think for ourselves, and we should not believe that we will go to hell because we discredit the priest. He is a man after all, same as we are. God gives us free will, and if God did that, our fellow man could not take it away no matter who they are, priests, presidents, leaders. God has given us the right to think and believe in ourselves.
Took us long enough to get to this point in this life, or maybe even many other lives before.
So, let’s go back to Trinity. If as engineers, we know we can locate and address using the triangulation concept then let us use Trinity to locate God. That will be our explanation and believe. Father created the son and gave him the Holy Spirit. That is simple, isn’t it? We all are Sons of God, and we have the Holy Spirit within us.
Moreover, feeling the Love of God, we welcome the fulfillment. We are part of God we are His Children we are powerful; we are Love, we are everything that God is. Our goodness comes from God, and that is who we are. Does not have to be imposed on us as a fake reality of punishment after death to do God’s will, because God’s will is our will. We were lost maybe many times, but that does not mean we have stopped being the creation of God. We have been tricked to forget God, but like any trick that cannot go forever, because it is just a lie.
We are awakening, and we know and feel that we are not alone and something significant is happening right this moment. It is a great time for all of us. It is enough to ask ourselves few simple questions, and that will be all. We know that it looks tough to detach. We were there ourselves, but it is not hard. It is as simple, as the word “God”.