Where Are Our Souls Stored?

I was reading once about some crazy scientists who wanted to find the soul. Some of them went to the extent that they weighed a body before and after physical death and they saw a drop in weight with a minimal amount. They concluded that that would be the soul energy weight. Others were trying to find the location of the soul, assuming that the soul is hiding somewhere inside the brain. Why, after all, we cannot find the soul? We are trying so hard to prove its existence, but we are walking a wrong path. We always like to look at the physical matter. Instead, I would release a different theory. Body and soul coexist but in different planes of existence. They are two independent layers. The body a transparent one while the soul is a colorful panel. They exist at different levels, but the soul can manifest and be observed through the transparent layer which is the body. As long as we keep our bodies clear, we let the soul manifest and more than manifesting we can enjoy its representation. The pure energy can overlap the plane of the body and the feelings created by that manifestation which we call spirit are performing a beautiful dance with the body and mind. Very often we used the expression “That is the spirit.” That is nothing but the soul talking to us. The soul layer is happy, and it is always light while the body can be invaded and overridden by the mind becoming darker and darker until the light will be completed obstructed. We turn on the blinds and expect the sunlight to come in still.
So, maybe the scientists should scrap the material representation which is merely an illusion and look all the way to the soul plane. Perhaps one day a great discovery will illuminate all of us bringing the awakening that we all are looking for. Until then let’s keep our bodies clean of negative energy and let the grandiose power of our souls to play its colors of happiness and joy.