Hate vs. Do Not Like

More and more we hear people saying “I hate.” We say that referring to our jobs, people even to our lives. We skip altogether the “I do not like” part and move directly to “I hate.” What is the difference? We know the difference because we have different feelings when we engage in one or another, and the hate is bringing more anger to us than “do not like”. That is because hate is a feeling derived from fear where not liking is more like that subject does not resonate with us. In the first case, the anger and anxiousness can elevate so high that we would like that the hated to be removed from existence. None of the expression is doing any good for us since they are major cases of judging and as we have discussed before judging anything and anyone is just a form of judging ourselves.
However, our society is encouraging even kids to use the hate when judging their homework, teachers or any activity they do not agree with. The great thing about kids is that they understand the difference quickly. Once we talked to them, they agree to stop engaging in negative emotions and we as adults we should do the same.
So, how is hate coming from fear? It is the fear of change. We used to say “I hare my job” but we refuse to change it. Or I hate my neighbors but we refuse to change our perspective on people. When we stop fighting the ego, it is becoming so easy and logical.
How do we deal with energies that do not resonate with us? We must create our own shield of energy, blocking the one that does make us feel uncomfortable. For instance, when someone, our boss or anyone else at work is messing with us, we begin to build up negative energy that ultimately will find the source of hatred. Instead, we must learn to let go, and that is becoming our protection, our shield. The negative or the energy that is not in sync with us will either stop or just pass through. Moreover, that is very important especially when we are dealing with people who got into the habit of stealing energy. The more anger we see in someone, the more he or she wanted to engage in arguing and fighting. They practically want to feed on that kind of energy and to hate them we offer them exactly what they wanted. The cost is on us. We feel depressed and insecure because we leak energy. The attacker is only maintaining his state of negative energy while we are being consumed.