The State of Mind: Reality

We came into existence with a plan to have an experience that may help us with our lessons and progress through this infinite journey. We are all one but what is differentiate us is the experience. That is truly unique and besides our unique signature is the factor of expansion. Through experience, we create our realities and we safely could say that is no reality like the one we create for our understanding. How is the reality different when we are living in the same plane and three-dimensional space? Our minds create what we call the immediate truth which if we think about it is all relative.

How come we may say that some leader is great and others believe that he or she is terrible? Our perceptions are so different because we are equipped with a tool that can interpret and analyze in many ways. Another blockage comes from believing and associating ourselves with others. When too many of us have the same opinion, we tend to believe it and go with it. It was happening, for instance, to listen to a song and first feeling tells us that we do not like it. However, after that song is played again and again on radio, TV or in stores we begin to think that after all is not that bad and later we may even like it. That is the state of our minds that tells us to listen to our brains and not our hearts. The first instinct when we like or we do not like something is most of the time right from the perspective that resonates or not with our beings. Later when more logical thinking is involved we alter our opinions and deviate from our truth making the truth not ours any longer. Basically, we switch to a different reality which most of the time is imposed upon. The most tragic in that is that we believe it so hard that we are imposing on others as the real truth. This mechanism is being used against us and against humanity in general. The mind could be a great thing or a tool of control which unfortunately is used more often every day.