Be Your Own Hero

I came to acknowledge that is a movie in the cinema now making history, called Avengers. The revenue went through the roof, and it is still going. What is this movie about? I did not know until a friend told me that is about a group of heroes.

Someone complained that we live in a wrong world that makes people appreciate non-values like that movie we have discussed. The truth is that we are attracted to that movie not because we are not educated, but because we are in search of a hero to save us. Moreover, why not? The people in our churches say the same thing, the people in government agree that they are the heroes and ultimately we wish for a hero to end our misery. Why do we need a hero? Why cannot save ourselves? We got into a monotony and a habit which are very comfortable. We do not have to think and take actions because others will do that for us: the heroes or the saviors how the churches refer to. We believe Jesus will save us, but if we think that, we are lost. Jesus is just showing us the path but will not use any magic.
There is no magic in saving us, but us and once we understand that, we can start our saving process. We must be our own heroes, that is the realization that will commence the change that we desperately need. The fact that we must save ourselves is kept as a secret hidden from us since we must be held in line and be the batteries of the society. Well, some of us have found out about that secret, and we are willing to give a chance. Can we save ourselves? One thing is for sure. If we never try, we never will. We may listen to any of the leaders hoping they have the magic touch, but if we refuse to take actions, we will condemn ourselves and will be no one to blame. More of us are looking for an awakening not necessary because we heard from others, but because it is a built-in feature in every human, and sooner or later it will surface. We are celestial beings, and in fact, we do not need to be saved. We are all heroes, and we only have to get to that understanding and recognize it.

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