Human Behavior

In older times people greeted each other hugging and kissing. That is a great behavior in humans because that type of interaction is meant to be the human manifestation and the confirmation of human unity. More and more in our society, we are pushed to the extreme. We talk more and more about racism or physical or sexual harassment. Why would that be? Why are we made to believe that is the correct standard? It is looking that the leaders talk about unity, but they encourage people to be divided. We have created private properties, and with the help of the gadgets, we are moving in the direction of acting as a single cell. The oneness that we feel and experience is being marginalized with a precise scope: to become weak and controllable. Humanity is under attack not at the physical level but the consciousness level. Awakening and return to the values of humanity would make us human again. Love, compassion, forgiveness and the power of communities are our strength. We must remember it at all times. How can we do that? There are methods we can use, but the most important is to remember we are all one. You are me and I am you.
The first thing we should say to a person we meet is to greet their soul. What soul is behind the body? That is valid for all the people. Imagine that we are in a crowded place and look not at the bodies but to the souls. That is the most magic of all. Some souls could be trapped into the bodies, some can experience, or some may be nostalgic of the place that we call home. Overall though it is a pleasant view of playful lights which play and feel the need to be together. So, the first question? Is your soul happy? The human face can tell so much about it. Most of the time the peace or the anger could be seen right away. However, one peaceful being can bring a peaceful state around. One person may not do a lot to save the world, but we do not have to do it alone, because we are humans and more than that we are God’s consciousness. We only have to remember who we are.