The Show Must Go On

Any of us may have suffered from the separation from the loved ones, from places or even from institutions once we retire for example. Medical doctors consider it a disorder called separation anxiety, and they propose different treatments. As usual, many of the procedures are nothing but the annihilation of the outcome. What is causing that kind of behavior? Recently I talked to a friend who told me about someone closed that suffer terribly from separation after her husband has passed. They were inseparable, and his death left behind a very fragile woman. This case is widespread since two people have connected for a lifetime. However, the result of that connection most of the time is represented by a form of attachment, and that is what we should avoid during our life on Earth. There are two aspects that we have to learn and manage. One is to learn the acceptance lesson, and the other is to understand love versus attachment. Without practicing these lessons, we may be caught off-guard, and that is what most of the people do. We should keep our feelings of love and sorrow toward someone we loved, but we must understand that our adventure must go on. Our souls accepted that challenge. Otherwise, we will be passing altogether. If we acknowledge that simple practice we may realize that we have other things to achieve in life. We are the only one responsible for our achievement at the end of our lives and living in desperation and depression will not do any good. A pure thought we should keep in mind at all time. The people who passed and we loved have returned home in the Garden of Heaven. They are happy without limits, and that is what they wish for us too. We must learn to let go and continue our adventure.
To start with we must learn true happiness and not the one that we consider happiness. We must cut the strings that condition our joy in life, and that include people, places or materiality. We do not say that we should live by ourselves in the forest, but we must love without creating attachments. We are the only one responsible for our state of being, not our spouses, our parents or our children. Love is an amazing force and when is pure does not create addictions nor attachments. More than that, love does not end with physical death. The love for people who were in our lives will continue and will meet them again in the afterlife. When is no attachment, we should be nothing but happy for people who finished their adventures and have returned home. Once again we have to prepare to get to that understanding and meditation is here to help. We must practice it to understand life.