Free Yourself

Why do we have to respect all the norms and rules dictated by society? First of all, there are so many, and most of them are nothing but conventions established by some of us who “learned” how to behave in society. Starting from the way we eat, the way we walk or talk. We must be gentlemen. We are trying so hard to obey and remember those rules forgetting that we supposed to be free beings. With all these regulations we stop being free. So much for our freedom is taken away by ourselves. We indoctrinate ourselves with all the beliefs and judgmental actions that keep our souls incarcerated. We kill all the creativity that we have been provided with and we became some kind of robotic executors. More than that when someone is out of line, we feel responsible for bringing him or her back. We are doing it on automatic programs and we have no restrictions of whom we are doing it to. It could be friends or family, neighbors or anyone who “happened” to forget obeying those rules. We have two faces, one of a sheep and the other as a shepherd dog. It is more like an intelligent virus that manipulates our thoughts is making us the best members of the society.
We forgot the common sense rules.
Trying so hard to apply whatever the society is teaching through governments and religions we forget how to be compassionate, empathic and overall we forget to love. It is unbelievable to see people fighting over ideas just because those ideas break the rules. Through a rigorous belief system, we start teaching our children what is allowed and what not within our society. We are the ones who brainwash our kids believing that we do the right thing. It is time to awake, and at least if we cannot come back to our senses, we should let our children have their options unaltered.