The Pride

What makes us proud and why? We hear more and more from our society that we are proud of something. Proud to be an American, or proud to be gay or proud to be African-American and the list can continue. We hear it, and we learn it. We finish school or a specific school, and we automatically become proud. We join some club, and we are pleased. We have quickly learned that we must be proud where in fact we should consider priding the sneakiest sin. In the name of the pride, we want to show the word that we are better than others. Our pride is one of the many manifestations of our ego and being proud we move away from the path of a real understating of the world. As we have mentioned before we may be proud of being born in one of the countries. Is that a merit? Is that something that we did better than others? A human born in a poor country has fewer chances than we have to have a decent life. Is that something that should make him or her less proud? Well, such people do not even think of being proud but thinking of how they will survive tomorrow. They do not have time to think what next to be proud of.
On the other hand, we may say we are proud of something, but we cannot say we are proud of the opposite. We have created rules and regulations that we should not break. Everything became fake and false from any perspective, and still, we do not revolt. We are a proud member of a society that talks about freedom of speech and then we must be as quiet as a fish. Honestly, we should find common ground removing the pride from our dictionary and start communicating as humans and not as scared subjects. Is nothing wrong to have a different orientation, skin color or speak a different language. We are all the same. We are humans living on a beautiful planet. Let’s enjoy and glorify the beautiful life we experience.