Do We Need God in Our Lives?

When we ask this question, we actually negate ourselves. We are God; we are manifesting God, so God it is always with us. It is not needed, it is present and always will be. The only thing we must do is to acknowledge it. In the “Conversation with God” by Donald Walsh, oneself asked the question. “God, what do you need from me?” The answer came right back. “I need from you whatever you need for yourself and nothing else.” God is not a separate entity, and He is us.
What is happening when we pray to God? We ask God to align ourselves with the universe. God does not accept any prayer that will throw us or others out of balance. We must work following the laws of the universe and then we can see God is listening and grant our wishes. We may say not all our prayers are being granted. Why is that? Is God practicing favoritism? Is Her kind to one and cruel to another? It is not such thing. In the book “Heaven is for real” a lady whose son died in the war was angry with God since the priest’s boy was saved from a critical situation. Why God saved one and not the other? The priest asked the lady. “Do you think God loves my son more than loves your son?” Just because we do not understand the reason does not mean we live in a cruel world and God is not a good God. Everything is done with a purpose which may have had chosen by the person who is departing. When we choose to accept and move forward, we may find the reason, and we may understand what we need to do. There are so many unknowns for us that it is hard to calculate the outcome. However, when we return to God, everything becomes more accessible and much more straightforward. When we listen we realize that all the time God answers. It is not like we need God in our life, but we cannot be separated from Him.