Forgive Yourself vs. Living with Guilt

Many times we heard the idea of forgiveness of self. Imagine that we have done something horrible to someone and we realize it. Would we be able to forgive ourselves? Many of us say it is easy but talking to people I realize that they do not forgive themselves but instead learn how to live with the guilt. Doing so, we are doomed because the guilt is not just present but grows within us. We are drawing down in a powerful swirling of Karma. It is not easy to forgive ourselves, but that mechanism of forgiveness may start when we think to forgive others. This great energy of forgiveness is the mechanism to stop Karma and move to a new dimension or as someone said to stop time. We do not stop it in the sense that time will not go on but will stop time from existing. After all, time is only an illusion that we have created.
What do we need to do? Why is so difficult to forgive ourselves? When we do recognize the true values, love, God it is difficult to understand the concept of forgiveness. Many times we hear people talking with anger about forgiveness, but in the end, we cannot stop looking for it because our consciousness knows the real deal of life. We need forgiveness to clear up all the garbage that we have accumulated during one or many lifetimes. Once again living with guilt will make us search for something that we are not aware of and as a result, we will never find it. It is time to step into spirituality and follow the path to love and forgiveness. God is always waiting for us even we remember it or not.