Are we always conscious since our minds never stop working?

We should call it unconsciousness. When thoughts are continuously coming, most of them are useless egocentric actions. If we can stop those thoughts, then we will become aware, conscious. We will realize we are the slave of our minds. We should try to meditate, contemplate, stay more in nature and that will help tremendously with our levels of awareness.

What is happening when we peacefully sit on a bench in a park or walking along the beach? We keep thinking about what do we have to do, or what we have done for the day or the week. We have thoughts, and we entertain them and even argue with them. Basically, we do not let go. We have the around universe limited to our thinking. The funny thing is that this behavior was not there from the beginning. Asking children, we realize they do not talk to themselves in their head. They have fewer thoughts, and they experience life, more than judging. We may successfully say that we are more conscious as children.

When we adjust more and more to the adult life, we become worried, anxious and we cannot even imagine we can experience life without continuously thinking and talking to ourselves. We make a list after list of what we have to do or imagine how a conversation will take place. Everything we do in that regard is clouding our existence. The clarity cannot surface, and we pass life in a rush without looking for what is essential. However, what is important? First, we have to understand the primary purpose is life is enjoinment. We must enjoy and live a happy life. Our egos work against that goal and the realization of our approach to life-based on thinking and logical thoughts will elevate us to a new understanding. That will be the time when we become conscious of our purpose, and we live the life entirely.

One may think that without thinking we may not achieve anything and that may be true. We should not stop thinking, but we should stop let ego think for us. Thinking is excellent when the mind is used as a tool and not as a master. That is constructive thinking that helps us create. However, the great ideas are not coming from thinking but the universal source of knowledge. We may not understand the whole concept, but we know that when suddenly we have an idea popping out in our head. The mind must be the one to use that idea to bring that creation to the world. That is to be conscious.