Why Did God Create Humanity?

God created us, humans, because we have asked for it. We could not experience dark if we live all our lives in the light. We cannot experience cold if we live all our lives in a warm environment. We wanted to experience more, and God created humanity and the three-dimensional world of dualism that we live in. That was the sin that bible talks about when we left the garden of Eden, which was God, the source where we coexisted. That was the “forbidden knowledge.” We did not know anything else than love and light, but now we understand. However, that is not a sin. It is what we have asked for. We have to reverse the process and return home.
What do we have to do? We must embrace the light. We know now the difference between light and not-light which we are calling dark. We know that not-light brings all these awful feelings of fear and all its derivates: anger, hate, greed and everything that is created by the lack of love.
Our experiment is magnificent, but since this illusion that we call reality is so perfect, we refuse to return to the source. We forgot what source is and we play along with this childish game. We got stuck, and we have to do something to wake up from this dream. We have become the prisoners of our own experiment.
It is any danger that we will be in this world forever? Well, forever is a world that cannot be linked to the reality we live in right now. This realm is a temporary stage until we evolve toward the light. Even if we succeed or not, we will get out of it, because home is waiting for us. However, it would be better to return as enhanced beings. It is up to us what it is going to be. God will be waiting because time is not essential since it does not exist.
So, when we live this life do we return home? Most likely most of us do, but we cannot help but coming back because our mission is not fulfilled yet. We have much to discover and achieve. The only enemy is the fear and the amnesia. We beat those and we triumphally return to mother source.