Where, or how, does the spiritual awakening end?

Many of us are looking forward to the enlightenment believing that once achieved we will pass the finish line of the spiritual awakening. Is not God infinite? Why would we believe we, the infinite beings coming from an infinite God could stop our progress? The spiritual awakening is never-ending. Once we are awakened we will be in a new state, but we will continue the journey. We are talking here about the levels of awareness. We continue to grow and evolve because the knowledge is limitlessness, same as God. Our masters or beings from other places are on a higher level, but that does not mean they are done. It is just like you are studying some field. The more we study, the more we realize that we know so little. We move toward the infinity of knowledge and spirituality.
Someone has asked me sometimes back why would we not stop? He said he felt tired and wanted to relax. If that is the case sure, we can stop and take a break but most likely we will not. The limitation here on Earth makes us think so. When we pass on the other side, we realize that is so much more to learn and experience. It is just going on a mountain trip. We discover some of the beauties, and we think we are done, but when we reach the top, we may see so many other natural treasures, lakes, forests, rivers. We cannot help but continue the journey. There is much more to enjoy and discover in our spiritual journey. Even when we may think we have done enough, we see other beings struggling, and we feel the need to help them. That is also part of the spiritual awakening. As a matter that is the primary action, we have to take when we are walking into spirituality. We have always looked at others who are more aware than ourselves and wish to be like them. When we get there, we find higher levels and wish to get there too. Our curiosity and passion for understanding are unlimited. We will continue our endless journey with joy and satisfaction because we love it.