Why is society always telling us how to live our lives?

“Society” is a generic word, but behind the scene, it is still us, or some of us who enjoy this ephemeral power over others. Rules and laws are getting in all the time, things that are limiting us, limiting our universe and perspective. However, the system is working on convincing approach. There is no way we can be forced into something quickly if we are not convinced to do so. That is the main reason we see on TV, media, newspapers what to do, what is best for us and how to live our lives. It is part of the convincing campaign. The sad part is that is working for most of us. What do we have to do? We have to awake and to realize our needs are at a minimum, and only desire is making us slaves. Most of the desires are not needed from the perspective of the mental or physical word.
Why are those people promote such things? First from the greed of making more money, because more money is always coming with wanting more money. Second because is a controlled program and society. All the news are most of the time promoting fear, because fear is the most powerful feeling that can make people agreeing to anything without questioning too much. Can we get out of the campaign of money and fear? That question has always been answered with a yes but to put it in practice is very difficult. The worst stoppage is ourselves, of course with the help of others. We must get rid of the beliefs that grew strong in us during the life or the lives that we have lived. We have been brainwashed from the moment of birth not just by people in power but also our families. We, as parents are without intention continuing to indoctrinate our children with beliefs that we have told. People become so convinced that one country which they live in is better from others just based on the news on TV. Surprisingly people became very confident about having knowledge where in fact they have never visited or lived in other places. Again the media and the way of society promoting such ideas from early age in school is very effective. That is the reason the awakening is becoming very difficult. However, it is not impossible. We can do it with a very simple step. Return to God and spirituality values, because those cannot be corrupted by no one.