What is abundance?

Abundance is when we are happy with what we have. As we can observe, the abundance is not having more money or more material properties.  It is the feeling of fulfillment and accomplishment. In fact, it does not have to be money or goods. There are many representations of abundance, and the material wealth is not programmed to be the top one. Only the spiritual abundance will give us the natural wealth; we will know what we need and not what we desire.
Still many of us are caught in the net of being money driven. We see it on all channels, we see rich people, and we believe that is the only form of abundance. We want to have that just because we believe that will bring happiness.
We must separate abundance from the word “more.” When we want more of something we end up being unsatisfied, and the abundance is never to be achieved. Wanting more is always becoming not enough, and that will force us into madness.
As human beings or any beings on Earth, we must meet the requirements to live in abundance, and that is shelter and food. Everything else is most of the time a mirage that we are chasing since we forgot the happiness. Moreover, God has provided us with those requirements, but we refuse to see it that way. Earth is rich enough for all of us, but then we start accumulating and deprived others of the resources that God gave us freely. We are forced to pay for those resources, and we start living a life of misery believing that are too many of us on this planet. In fact, some of us collected all the God-given gifts and becoming auto proclaimed superiors beings. And again the word more is in their vocabulary. If all the resources of the world, which does not belong to any country or individual, will be redistributed to all of us, we will live happily in abundance. Until then we would still have to bow and hope to become rich to live in abundance. However, there is one thing given by God cannot be taken, and that is our spiritual understanding and connection to the source. When we remember those, we would not need anything from the ones who are trying to control and enslave us. Abundance is becoming obvious, and we live it fully.