What religion is more spiritual and less religious?

There is no such thing. Every single religion is slipping away from the spiritual, some slower some faster. Why is that? Because some of us become greedy and we are starting to believe that we are superiors to others. Customs are followed just because leaders said so. Some may think that the Buddhism is closer to spirituality, but the more we check that out, the more we realize they are very much the same. Dalai Lama is a great spiritual human being, but he is one of us. What do we do? We worship him or other religious leaders. And is not their fault, we are the ones doing that. We should look at them as great teachers, not God. Even Jesus tried to teach us that lesson, but we like to become controlled because it is more comfortable when somebody else is telling us what to do.
We have become lazy in looking and following for our spiritual path, and as a result, we patiently go to church sit and follow what others have to say and do. This behavior cost us so much that we forget what was all about. We become lost in customs, and when someone is not behaving, we feel the need and the importance to tell them. We do not even blink or think, but we know what is best for others and what they need to do. We are following the trend, and some of us really believe that the church and religion will save us no matter what we do outside in our lives.
The following of spirituality and God does not actually need any religion. Communities were created as a need to communicate the knowledge and from those religions were born. Yes, the church or the temple could be an excellent place for prayers since the power of divine thoughts is terrific when exercised in a group. That does not mean that the prayers and meditation at home are not as good as the ones in a church. If religions connect us with God in a better way, then yes we should follow them, if they divide people we should stay away, because we are all the same and it is only one Creator.