Who Is a Lucky Person?

A lucky person is anyone of us. It is that we have to come to that realization. We are so lucky to be here and experience this life. We are so lucky to have a connection with every other soul and with God. We are lucky to love and be loved.

There are so many things that show us the luck that we experience. We have to open our eyes wide and let the light to get in.

What if we are in situations that look desperate? How can we consider lucky? The first thing is that we have to change what we can. If we do everything that we think is the best for us we can get out of the energy that we consider unlucky. Other than that we must learn to accept and be happy with what we have. Many people I have met are considering themselves happy even the material prosperity is not what we may consider enough. Expectation and desires bring unhappiness and automatically the concept of being unlucky.

We used to say that is a lucky guy. Why would that be? Most of the time we look at that person from the material perspective only. Others consider themselves lucky to be healthy, and some of us consider themselves lucky just be here on Earth. Our desires are making us believe that we are not lucky enough. Another aspect of being lucky is our thinking. When all these negative thoughts cloud our mind, we become a source of negative energy. That energy creates and maintains events that we consider unfortunate, and as a result, we say we are unlucky. The luck is made by ourselves, and only the mind and ego may say otherwise. We live the experience that we create, and that is the only truth about luck.