How do you become more self aware and conscious?

When we ask this question, is an excellent sign that we are becoming more aware. The shift is taking place, and there we may advance quickly. We have to allow the things to come and follow our inner self. When intuition is telling us a story, showing us a sign, a dream we should not click ignore button but follow it. Research as you are being asked and the consciousness will go from level to level. We must trust our true selves more than anything, and God will guide us with wisdom and gentleness.

One of the best movies I recommend is called The Shift by Wayne Dyer, which is an excellent story of awakening. When we are ready all these movies, books articles are helping us on our way and give us more knowledge and wisdom that we need at that time. Every single piece of information comes at the right time, and this article may fall into the same category. How do we know that we are ready for the new stage? It is simple. When we suddenly are more interested in all these ideas and concept of awakening, it is clear the time for us has come. That is a great time. We may start doing meditation or Yoga or any other related techniques related to work with this invisible energy of the Source. We are ready to connect with God once again/ It is a great feeling of being alive.