Statistically speaking the word “no” is thirty times more frequent in our childhoods than the word “yes.”
“No” is being pushed on us from an early age. The concept of “do not do that,” “you are not allowed.” or “do not talk back,” is a cruel reality of what happened to our children. We use this word to kill identity of a human being from the beginning of his or her life. Living children to express their creativity and uniqueness is the key to a better world. As we have described in a previous article we have become “Motorized Humans” and then we are surprised no more geniuses are born. Every human is a genius if we would stop working with standards. We all have a talent and abilities that we have to discover, but we are brought into a harsh world that “fix” that for us.
“You must learn whatever I tell you.” the teacher used to say. If any kid revolts than we labeled them with all the diseases’ names that we have categorized as brilliant doctors or scientists.
We must understand that “no” is associated with negativity. Even we believe that is good to tell our children what to do and what not we involuntarily push negativity and limitations into their beings. Later in life, everything is mentally hard, and nothing is possible.
The world that God created is beautiful. We have to keep it that way, and that will be possible if we treat humans as humans and not robots. Forget once in a while the “no” word, and you may see the true potential of your child.