One Man’s Fault

We like the idea that everything that happens is the fault of one man. Even we are talking about a president, a king or a dictator we entertain the concept that we are not at fault. It is Trump’s fault for the immigration arrest. It is the queen’s fault for what happened in the occupied countries through, or it is Hitler’s fault for the killing of so many people in the WWII. We forget that it is not possible for a man to do that much. We are the creators of this reality, and our collective consciousness brought the good and the evil in this world. We brought Hitler as we brought Jesus. When our orientation is negative or positive a result will surface in either direction. We are at fault with no exception. We, as consciousness, have voted for Hitler. We have agreed with his principles, and if we did not, we did nothing, and that is practically the same thing. The result is always the same. The collective created a world of negativity that will accentuate as long as we do not change our behaviors. As an immigrant, I was many times put in a position to shut up or leave the country. The concept is simple: if you do not like what happens here, you may go. Moreover, this concept is expressed by almost any born American, either the one voted or not for Trump. The collective decided that America is not anymore the country of immigrants even that everyone here is an immigrant. We must change our ways of thinking and more than that we must remember humanity. The concept of a country is entirely an artificial one and if we believe we have the right to live a good life just because we are born in one country or another we are not living in harmony with God.
Once again we have to change our ways and get closer to a spiritual world of love and compassion. Out of fear nothing good will surface. We have seen it for so long and still, we apply the same method. As Einstein said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” We are insane, and we must cure ourselves. We must bring back our souls to do the God’s work.