Would The World Be Better Without Religions?

Every religion started with the word of God and just us, people manage to create them differently. If we get rid of them, nothing would be different because we are doing the right or the wrong. All that we use or worship are merely tools we use to do wrongs. Once we are changing ourselves, we will change the world. Each of us must save himself or herself. Become what we are, light beings and act like one. We have to be truthful to ourselves, and then we will become truthful to others. And for that, love is the main ingredient. We can remove all the tools that we may think are creating wrongs, but then we will develop others if we do not come back to our roots and understand and embrace love and peace.

What do we do instead? We start removing tools or enforcing rules hoping that will change the world. We created wars hoping that killing bad guys we will leave in peace. However, no war brought peace. Most of the time the peace is a result of the fact that people got tired with the war.

Coming back to religions we have seen too many times that one group of people are trying to convert or kill others in the name of God. How can that be God? We are deviating way too much from the source and what we do with our religions have nothing to do with Him. It is only the fanatic thought created by the egocentric mind. My religion is better than yours, we used to say.

God created us, but She did not create religions, we did. How can we say one religion is better than other? That is happening only because we believe are better than others. We have come to an agreement with ourselves to realize that no one is better or worst. Only then we would not need nor use religions as tools of control and power.