What Color Makes You Feel Good? Why?

What is your favorite color? From early childhood, we are talking about our favorite colors. And as long we as adults we do not like to have only one favorite regarding anything; still, colors remain with us as favorites. We may dress in some color that resonates with us. Some people like blue, some green some red or some are being influenced to believe black is amazing. In reality, every color has a different meaning due to the energy its spread around it. Every color is generated based on a specific frequency. That is how we have created bulbs that change colors. How do we resonate with one color or another? That depends a lot on the energy state that we are in. When we are influenced by someone to like a color, we automatically drop into that state. In New York, for example, almost everyone likes black. When we look at people on the subway is more like our vision becomes black and white. However black is becoming a color that resonates with people, and the reason that we ware black is that many of us are unhappy and frustrated. Our state of mind is creating specific energy and most of the time that energy is in consent with the environment. Colors cover an essential part of our lives, and they have a significant meaning. For instance, it is not by accident that the ocean or the sky is blue. That lovely blue color is trying to keep our energy in harmony. Moving forward, why all the bombs detonating on Earth creating all the terror are leaving behind a gray world and a massive amount of black smoke? It is the energy emitted from such actions. We are part of this matrix of colors, light, sound that is all around us. We are trying at any time to mix and resonate with that energy in order to feel at home. That is another reason that immigrants do not feel at home anymore in any of the places they used to live. We are talking about losing roots where in fact those roots are the resonating energy with the human body, mind, and soul.
Coming back to our discussion, we know many of the colors could make us feel good. The best way to acknowledge that is to visit a museum and look at the paintings. Which one do we like? We must examine them without predefined conception. Just look at those paintings as we see them for the first time in our lives. We may like some and dislike others. That would say a lot about our state of being. The discussion can continue indefinitely, but one fact remains. We are living in harmony with colors and the higher frequency we may like the more we would like the light. After all mixing colors on a spinning wheel, we would come to see the white color.