A Letter To Self.

Dear Self

I know you are the other me, the real me, and you were trying so hard to resuscitate me. I got lost in this world of fears and wonders, and we have got separated. I feel that we will never meet again and that is the reason I am writing you this letter. I wanted you to know that I cannot live without you and I must find you or else. I know you are looking for me too and I am sure we live in a small world. It cannot be too hard to be one again. However, I know you can still talk to me wherever you are, and I beg you to answer my call.

Why did I have to leave you behind at our first crossroad? Why did I take the road to perdition, to money and desires? I wanted to come back to that point, but I couldn’t find it any longer. Which way did you go? Tell me, give me a sign and I will be there. I am ready now. I am quiet, and I am listening with all my heart. So, now I will stop writing, talking and thinking and just be quiet, listening to you.


Hello, my dear friend. It is me, The Self, the one, and only True-Self. I am so happy you finally decided to talk to me and look again to be together. I know the crossroad that you are talking about. I have told you then to take the other path, but you did not listen. At least you didn’t waste your life, and you came back to me. I am fortunate. I wish I can give you a sign or a place where we can meet but is no such thing, and I am sorry for that. The good news is that I never left you. I took the road that you did because I wanted you to understand and not to follow me blindly. I was just quiet. Now that you talked to me again you would know that we are always together no matter what. I am once again ready to guide and serve you. You have learned a lot from your experiences, and I know you gained more understanding. Now we are even more powerful together because you learn it the hard way, and that way you will never forget. What else should I say? Welcome home, my good companion.

Being quiet looks like it paid off. I am one again. Wait! What do I feel on my face? Only tears of joy.