Conversations with God – Book III

A little flavor from the book Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch.

I am now convinced that all three of these books will be widely read, thoroughly examined, analyzed for theological relevance, and passionately debated for dozens of years.

That’s hard—particularly when others are so ready to judge. I feel I am going to be an
embarrassment to You, to the truth; that if I insist on completing and publishing this trilogy, I will be such a poor ambassador for Your message as to discredit it.
You cannot discredit truth. Truth is truth, and it can neither be proven nor disproven.
It simply is.
The wonder and the beauty of My message cannot and will not be affected by what
people think of you.
Indeed, you are one of the best ambassadors, because you have lived your life in a
way that you call less than perfect.
People can relate to you—even as they judge you. And if they see that you are truly
sincere, they can even forgive you your “sordid past.”
Yet I tell you this: So long as you are still worried about what others think of you, you
are owned by them.
Only when you require no approval from outside yourself can you own yourself.
My concern was more for the message than for me. I was concerned that the message
would get besmirched.
If you are concerned about the message, then get the message out. Do not worry
about besmirching it. The message will speak for itself.
Remember what I have taught you. It is not nearly so important how well a message
is received as how well it is sent.
Remember this also: You teach what you have to learn.
It is not necessary to have achieved perfection to speak of perfection.
It is not necessary to have achieved mastery to speak of mastery.
It is not necessary to have achieved the highest level of evolution to speak of the
highest level of evolution.
Seek only to be genuine. Strive to be sincere. If you wish to undo all the “damage”
you imagine yourself to have done, demonstrate that in your actions. Do what you
can do. Then let it rest.