School Teaching

What is the school teaching our children? Do they teach enlightenment through love and compassion or they teach how to become standardized robotic humans? I call us the motorized human with no direction. The school shows us one direction, and we cannot change that direction since we are brainwashed to believe in money and dream to have a better job. We are thrown in a unidirectional tunnel with a false flickering light at its end. Can we escape this madness? Sure we can, but to save our children, we have to save ourselves. All the teaching that we have received from school or our parents we have to reconsider. Lao-Tzu said: “If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading,” and we know we are going nowhere. We must remember our purpose and ignore the goal that others are trying to convince us we must achieve. We do not need money, positions, and power. That is a fake reality that is meant to keep us enslaved working for others and forgetting who we are. We need to help each other and construct a new society based on trust, peace, and love. We have been taught that by enlightened beings over and over again. How much more do we need until we would listen?
We must teach our children that working as interns for free for some corporation is not suitable for their future but only is making them believe that is normal to be enslaved. Those corporations have more than enough money, and the reason they have built this model is that they want to control and have power. We see children being instructed from an early age to understand finance. The school is going even further asking bankers to give speeches in school. We do not need bankers and their ideology in school; we need spirituality and enlightenment. We should not force that on children though but let them choose. The school system does not let anyone choose. Children are ranked by a standard and not by their abilities. They are being told about working as a team, but in the end, they compete with each other. Even the grades are based on what others are scoring. Everything is competition from kindergarten until retirement. We may think competition helps with the progress, but it is far from the truth. Imagine what mathematicians and physicians would accomplish if they would not be in a continuous race by who did it first. And then we receive insignificant awards that mean nothing. We become divided and keep being tricked by slogans as “United we stand.” Let’s be truly united. That is the way to the truth and enlightenment.