God Is a Magician

One of the most exciting quizzes is to ask if God is a man or a woman. Due the religions and through their paintings or sculptures we are made to believe that God is a man. Even when we are talking about God, we use to say “Him.” Many of the religions do not even accept women to be priests, and somehow they have been considered lower than a man in this scheme. That was happening through history and is still happening now. However, what do we do when a child is asking us. Is God a man or a woman? With what we consider small thinking they think God cannot be a man since a woman gives birth, and at some level they are right.
The great philosopher Lao-Tzu in his book “Tao Te Ching” is talking about DAO which is more like a mother figure, and his writing makes sense.
I know it is hard to explain to a child or as a matter to understand ourselves, but God does not share the concept of the duality. God is man and woman at the same time or is no man nor woman.
I used to tell my daughter that God is a magician, who is able to create and expand from nothing and I think that is one of the best definition of God. God is everything and everywhere. The manifestation of God or the source is truly amazing, and that is pure magic. When we, humans will achieve that understanding, we will realize that we are God too. For now, our creations are just trying to mimic the world of God, and we may say that we have failed. We focus ourselves on electronics and technologies, where, in fact, God gave us a great model that we should follow. Continuing this way we may destroy humanity and build a word of machines. We are not magicians but illusionists. We create only illusions. We must return to God’s value and be the magicians, not men, women nor machines.