How to Make the Next Life Easier

Imagine that we have started with a comfortable life. Everything falls into place, and we live happy and content. What happens if we do not achieve our goal and fulfill our purpose? Well, the next life is going to be a bit harder because Karma is accumulated.  Imagine Karma as a backpack that keeps growing becoming heavier and heavier. We need more muscle to hold it. That is what happens with our lives. We may think it is okay we will do better next life but the considerable baggage is making our life harder, and at some point, we have to push ourselves to get over it. Let’s make this change it in this life and stop waiting for the next to come. The realization and awakening are being programmed, and we know it, but out of laziness and convenience, we forget that we have to balance the energy that we have played with. Every life is a reminder of what we have to do and to fulfill what we have promised to God.

The message is clear and loud, and only our ego is pushing us away from it. So, next time before letting the ego do the work maybe we should be more considerate with our souls. We need to advance and is no other way. We must let the soul manifest through love and do its magic work. It is an obvious natural process if we use our creative minds and not the destructive ones. The life we live is the most important while it is the one that clear Karma and help us move to the next adventure. With such attitude, we will make the next life much more accessible and be moving to a higher vibratory energy. We have so many examples of such fellow human brothers like Jesus or Buddha. We need just to follow their luminescent path. It is so immaculate and simplistic!