The Numbers of Life: The Hidden Power in Numerology

Easily the most comprehensive and detailed guide to practical and theoretical numerology on the market, Kevin Quinn Avery’s The Numbers of Life stands alone as the definitive work in its field. Drawing on a long and storied career advising New York’s celebrities, intelligentsia, and politicians, as well as years of professional study in the areas of astronumerology, astrology, and kabala, Avery has neatly compiled a lifetime of knowledge in this one useful volume. If you are just beginning to dip your toes into the waters of numerology or if you are a seasoned expert, Avery’s wisdom is guaranteed to help as you endeavor to derive meaning from the numbers that surround you.

The Numbers of Life combines practical instruction with years of collected wisdom about the nature of numerology, astrology, and the occult. Replete with charts and figures about personality, habits, and soul urge, this book will help you to deepen your own understanding of yourself and the world around you. Equipped with knowledge about the details of your future, you can prepare to meet your destiny with positivity and strength.

A numerologist for over 25 years and the author of 27 books, Kevin Quinn Avery (1933-1984) is a towering figure in his field. In addition to his professional studies, he obtained a master’s degree in mathematics from Princeton University and competed as an amateur polo player. As a numerologist he advised many household names on their careers and personal lives. He is known for having correctly predicted President Nixon’s resignation to the date and hour 11 months before it happened.