What is freedom? We are talking about freedom on a daily basis, but we are pretty confused. We are confused because we are deceived by organizations and plutocrats who invented so many types of freedom that the word itself becomes convoluted. We have freedom of religion, freedom of expression, freedom of speech and the list could continue for another five minutes. We are truly free when we escape the mental and physical imprisonment. How can we do it? There is not a magical answer since our minds could play a major role into answering this question.
I have posted a question on Quora with the intention of understanding the freedom concept of humans from different perspectives.
How the society brainwashed us into believing we are free while we engage in a modern version of slavery?
I am not surprised to see that the indoctrination worked well on us. However, some of us have a higher perception of what freedom is at an individual level, and that is pleasant to notice.
First of all, we have to understand that God provided us with everything we need to have a peaceful and enjoyable life on earth. Once we have built a shelter, we should not be worried about food or about having a beautiful experience. We may look at the animals’ lives or even to the tribes in South America. We consider them primitive, but their ways of life are inspiring. They work and maintain their society with minimum effort.
Then we, the advanced western civilization say that there is no progress and their ignorance does not bring them anywhere. Can we combine those two lifestyles and create something greater? We have gained knowledge, and we are technologically advanced compared with where we were thirty years ago. Still, we have to work even more and pay even more taxes. When we bring up the idea of a healthier working environment together through communities, we have always found people saying that if do not like the society we can go live in the jungle. That is the brainwashing that we hear every day. Instead of being constructive we negate the facts. We are at the stage where we can provide anyone on the planet with food, healthcare, and shelter. That is minimum that every being was programmed to receive from God when we came into existence. I have written an article “The truth will set you free,” and that is the way we can do it. That kind of revelation propagated to enough people will bring the real concept of happiness and freedom. Somebody told me that humans are meant to work and if we do not like our jobs we should look for something else. That is the indoctrination we are talking about. We are not meant to work to survive but to create and use our talents. Once we have met minimum requirements, we will be able to do what we like the most, and that is what our abilities are. That is real freedom and a mean to authentic progress.