How to Remove Fear?

I have written an article earliest this year called “Fear.” Since this is a very delicate subject and I can see every day people cannot escape it, I have decided to add more to it. The discussion can be considered the second part of that article as well as a way of understanding the mechanism of fear and how we can leave fear free. It is essential to achieve that state if we want to progress and follow an authentic spiritual life.
We live in a time of fear. We are trained to fear everything, and if we deviate from the rules, we immediately get that feeling of guilt and anxiety sometimes combined with even panic. As long as we live in a state of fear maintained by a greedy and sick society, it is becoming hard to get out of it. The worst is that we not just live in fear but we propagate it to others as a way of life. Hard to believe, but if we are the observers, we could see that our parents deliver the same fear to us, and we are doing the same to our children. When children are doing what we call wrong, we use the same mechanism making them afraid of us. As long as the immediate effect is convenient and we achieve our quick goal, we are doing more damage that we can imagine. We propagate this society and the insecurity to the next generations. We are at fault not just following the rules but imposing them. If we do not get to a greater understanding of life, we are doomed. Our children are our friends and not our slaves. The same methodology we are using in every sector of the society that we operate. At work, we the superiors, try to make the lower level people understand fear. If we do not comply, we may lose our jobs.
What is fear doing to us in the long term? Living with fear we forget to live the life, we ignore the common sense and our purpose and goals.
How can we live fear free? Is there some magic that we can apply? The most important is not to fight fear and terror but to remember love. That is the primary antidote that would bring peace and happiness to our lives. We may have heard it many times, but we get to go to its deeper meaning. We have to exercise love to forget fear. Fear is living only when we feed it with our emotions. Once we stop serving it will go away. Let’s try to do this exercise every day. Whenever we act out of fear, let’s try to remember love. When yelling at the person we love, let’s try to remember in time that actually we love that person. Why would we manifest such behavior then? That is the secret of being fearless, and we know it is all related to God because God is love and not fear.